Clearing Out the Negativity

Have you ever accepted a situation even though you knew it wasn’t good for you or causing you misery? Sometimes we accept situations because we are afraid of the unknown or can’t see that there is another path.  We are often told that the grass is not greener on the other side.    So, the grass may be blue green or polka dot, but it still could be slightly better than the current situation.

I had reached a point in my life, I was tired of accepting things or situations that were not good for me. Maybe my patience had worn thin and was sick of it.  I have learned to be over accommodating to people in the past.  It’s my nature and I liked to be generous.  The problem was it was often at my expense and people took advantage of it.

For example, I helped an HR Manager and defend her to the corporate office about why she was struggling. The minute she got held accountable, I was thrown under the bus and she made lies on things I said.  I was so disappointed and hurt by the situation.

This was one of many situations where people I helped and who did me wrong. I started cutting people out of my life.  I took inventory of who were really my friends and people who are just acquaintances.  I immediately cut off people who didn’t treat me right or people who didn’t have my best interest.  I need to surround myself with more good people and less of these “users”.

I had situations with my properties that were causing me headaches and decided to sell them off.   It was a huge weight that was lifted off my shoulders.  I was so deep in the weeds with the issues, that I was unable to look at things with a fresh set of eyes. One property was losing money and I was dealing with Homeowner’s Association issues. I was lamenting that I was selling it $20K less what I had purchased it for.   It wasn’t until my realtor gave me a reality check that we just needed to sell the property and make it go away.  He was right.

It’s good to take an inventory from your life from time to time. Sometimes we hold on to people or situations and we really don’t need to.  I have found when you surround yourself with good people, better things happen to you.  Do the friends/families surrounded by you have your best interest?    What’s causing you misery and can you change it?  Clear the negative people and situations out of your life so you can be happier.

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