Losing Weight

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I was always seesawing on losing and gaining weight. Things got worse when I had a high stress corporate job. I would stress eat because of the amount of responsibilities of my job. I didn’t feel good about myself or liked how I looked in the mirror. Over the last 5 years I just felt chunky.

Even though I did cardio/ martial arts, I was gaining the muscle, but never really losing the fat. So basically I had fat on top of muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. My daughter has inspired me to get a nutritionist She had hired a nutritionist and started to lose weight pretty quickly.

I tried all the diets and it never seemed like it worked for me. I would lose some weight and then gain it back again. I hated weight watchers because I didn’t like to count. So I hired a nutritionist off of Thumbtack. My nutritionist, Sarah gave me a plan that I had to follow. She gave me a macro diet where I counted my protein, fat and carbs through Fitness Pal App.

Although, I hated the idea of counting. I didn’t want to be where I was at. If I was truly trying the best being my best me, then I really need to put effort towards this. Plus, I spent money to make this happen. I was determine to make this work.

Day 1

When I started the diet, my stomach hurt so bad. I could literally feel it shrinking. In the diet, I don’t count calories, just the macros. When I was looking at the calories, I was taking fewer calories then the recommended for someone of my age and weight. In the end, I was eating less and exercising more.

Day 2 and on….

It was initially hard to do this diet. I didn’t like tracking my food intake. However, there was a benefit to this. I made better food choices because of the information I knew. My daily food intake should be 90 g of protein, 30 g of fat and 130g of carbs. It made me read food packages and I learned in most cases that I was taking in too much fat. Food that I thought was relatively healthy was really not under the diet she gave me.

I really didn’t realize how much fat is in most of the process food that we eat. It often made me think twice if I really wanted to eat the veggie chips that had 5 grams of fat, which would be 1/6 of my fat intake. Over the next four weeks, I stuck to the process. I started seeing results in my overall body.

When I was younger, I was an hour glass figure. However after my late thirties, I started looking like an apple. During this process, I saw my body go from the apple back to the hourglass, which was super motivating.

Through through the three months, I have been on the diet, I’ve lost a total of 13 pounds. I shrank to one size down. Understand I have included cheat days as well. It’s not a quick fix time of diet, but a lifestyle change. It important to put yourself first in order to take care of others. I heard that phrase many times, but I had always done the opposite. As I take this journey, I’m going to address other parts of my life that I always have put off and make it a priority.

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